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This Is Product Management is a podcast show for product teams with more than 200 episodes. With people interviewed from companies such as Spotify, Adobe and Google. I have been asked to rebrand the company and create a new website and design strategy for them.

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Website design, logo design, design strategy, marketing materials, post project design support

Project Goal

Project Goal

The scope of the work was to give the company a new identity system that will be modern and help them scale as a company. Due to the fact that the podcast is growing in popularity, they needed a new strategy and website that could support more than 200+ episodes. The outcome was a close collaboration with their team and key stakeholders. After 2 months  of work, we successfully launched the project live and received multiple positive feedback from listeners.

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Marketing Materials

Marketing Materials

Besides creating the entire brand identity system, I helped them create all the necessary marketing collateral and applications. In this case marketing materials for Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Stitcher, and SoundCloud.

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