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Thinking first. Design second.



My name is Eugen Eşanu and I am Designer with more than 7 years of experience in the field of Design and Startups. I specialise in UI/UX and Design Strategy and I write about my passions on Medium or here on my Blog.

I worked in and with startups among different types of projects. From delivering a product to market to solving business probems with design thinking. Sometimes you may see me leading a team delivering a product or find me as a one person team that wears multiple hats.

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I also host - a podcast which I started because I believe design is more than just a beautiful UI or great UX, but it’s a way of thinking that involves multiple disciplines. From behavioural economics to business knowledge and data science.

On the show I had the pleasure to speak with designers, CEO’s and authors from companies such as GoPro, Basecamp, Marvel, Work&Co, TreeHouse, Headspace and many others.



Every great product begun with a story behind it. I believe that words play an important role in design process and in a real-time product. You can find all my learnings, thoughts and ideas on my blog on Medium. You could probably begin with 10 Small Design Mistakes We Still Make and then continue your journey with How Not To Design A Product Like Everyone Else’s.